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We offer our fantastic 2018 German Carado T447 Emotion motorhome for hire, sleeping up to 5 people with 4 seat belts for travelling. We have thoughtfully equipped our motorhome for your maximum comfort and convenience with a couple of optional extras. See detailed list of what is included in your hire…

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Useful Links

Here are some links we think you may find useful on your Journey

Camping & Caravan Club

Discount on Site Fees

To add value to your camping experience Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire are members of The Camping and Caravanning Club Privilege Scheme, which entitles you to up to 30% off Club Sites and 15% off Camping in The Forest Sites. In Mabel’s glovebox you will find a copy of the Camping and Caravanning Club Privilege Guide, which lists all participating sites helping you to choose the perfect location throughout your entire journey. You can also find details of their sites on the Club website.

When you’ve selected the Club Site you’d like to stay on, all you have to do is show
them the Privilege key fob, which you will find on the keys of your hire vehicle, on arrival to claim your discount.

How to Book

To guarantee your pitch it’s best to book. To Book your campsite please call the service centre on 024 7647 5426 for Club Sites or 024 7647 3008 for Camping in the Forest sites and let the advisor know that you are booking under the Privilege Scheme. A minimal deposit will be taken and upon arrival at the Club Site, your due balance will be discounted accordingly on presentation of the Privilege key fob provided. Alternatively, you can make a non-member booking online and follow the same process.

Caravan and Motorhome Club

Practical Caravan Magazine Top 100 sites 2018

How To Level The Motorhome Using Levelling Ramps

Using The Truma CP Plus Heating Control Panel

How To Use The Thule Omnistor 5200 Awning

How To Use The Alpine X902D Advanced Navi System

Autogas Filling Stations

Nightstop Locations

Frequently Asked Questions 

How Do I Book a Motorhome Rental?

All you need to do is ring Ged or Sue on 07523 257363 or use the Contact Us Form with your requirements. Please leave us a telephone number to ring you back on. We will respond to your enquiry as soon as practical however this may be in the evening or at weekends. 

A reservation is only binding after it has been confirmed by Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire, a non-refundable £250.00 booking deposit has been accepted and any subsequent banking transactions have cleared. 

What’s the Minimum Period I Can Rent Your Motorhome For?

Three nights during the winter months (Low Season) from the start of November until the end of March.

Five nights during April, May and October (Mid Season).

Seven nights from the start of June until the end of September (High & Peak Seasons).

What’s the Maximum Period I Can I Rent Your Motorhome For?

For however long you wish to hire the motorhome for. During the high and peak seasons this will need to be in multiples of seven days i.e; 7 days/14 days/ 21 days etc.

How Many People Can Travel In Your Motorhome?

Our Carado T447 motorhome can sleep 5 people however, there are only 4 travelling seats so only parties of 4 or less (adults or a mixture of adults and children) can travel in the motorhome.

Do You Allow Dogs?

Well behaved dogs are welcome. Dogs must be secured when travelling. You must bring your own dog bed and dogs are not allowed on the furniture. Please do not allow wet dogs into the motorhome until they are thoroughly dry. There is  a £30 post hire valeting charge for travelling with dogs which will be applied when paying your final balance.

Where Can I Go In Your Motorhome?

You can go anywhere you wish, and are permitted of course, on the UK mainland. We have a quality Sat Nav fitted in our motorhome which has been matched to the dimensions of the motorhome, so when you have programmed your destination, this will direct you along suitable routes.

Is There a Mileage Limit?

No. However, we do ask where you are planning to go on your adventure – more for our own records and security.

How Do I Pay For The Motorhome Hire?

Payment of the hire fees are preferred by bank transfer although payment is also accepted by credit card (Visa or MasterCard only), debit cards, or cheque in Pounds Sterling. Please note: Cheque payments will only be accepted if presented and cleared eight weeks or more prior to departure.

The outstanding balance for the rental of the motorhome will be payable in full, no later than eight weeks prior to the commencement of the rental period.

What Happens If I Have To Cancel My Booking?

If you have to cancel before you have paid your full balance you will only forfeit the reservation fee.

If this rental is cancelled once the £250.00 booking deposit and full payment has been paid the following charges will apply:-

Cancellation more than 6 weeks before the hire period= 25% of total hire cost or booking deposit (whichever is greater).

Cancellation between 6 weeks – 2 weeks before the hire period= 50% of total hire charge.

2 weeks or less; or a failure to collect/take delivery of the motorhome = 100% of total hire charge.

What is The Security Deposit For?

On collection/ taking delivery there is a compulsory security deposit of £750.00 payable. This payment can be made by bank transfer, credit or debit card and the amount will be debited from your account immediately. This security deposit will be refundable in full subject to the vehicle being returned as per these terms and conditions and rental agreement. 

Should express permission be granted by Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire to allow the Hirer(s) to take a well behaved dog (or dogs) with them in the motorhome, the security deposit will be increased to £1000.00.

When Will My Security Deposit Be Returned?

The security deposit or part of the security deposit if applicable, will be refunded within 14 working days of the vehicle being returned to Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire subject to the vehicle being returned in a satisfactory condition as per the terms and conditions and rental agreement; there are no outstanding insurance claims; there are no outstanding parking, speeding or other road related charges or fines and once any deductions have been taken by Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire as per the possible additional charges:-

What Are The Possible Additional Charges?

We sincerely hope we will not have to apply any additional charges- that way we know we will be getting our motorhome back in the excellent condition you have hired it in and you will have had a wonderful trip without any hiccups. However we will have no alternative but to charge for such things as refilling the fuel tank, emptying the toilet cassette or water tanks, valeting the motorhome due to the motorhome or any supplied equipment being left in an unacceptable unclean condition, damage to the motorhome or contents, lost keys, or missing items supplied at the start of your hire. Full details are within the Terms and Conditions section of the Website.

What Day & What Time Can I Collect Your Motorhome?

During the High & Peak Seasons this needs to be at 3.00pm on a Saturday afternoon. Please allow at least an hour for the handover.

During Mid & Low Seasons please ring to discuss and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements.

Where Can I View Your Motorhome or Collect Your Motorhome From?

Our Motorhome is kept in secure storage on the outskirts of Chorley/Leyland. Please ring us to make arrangements to view and we will  endeavour to accommodate your requirements. Collection will be from our secure storage compound where you will also be able to leave your car. It may be possible to offer a delivery and collection services for an additional charge which will be subject to availability, distance/location and separate financial agreement.

Who Can Drive Your Motorhome?

Anybody can drive “Mabel” providing you have held a full UK driving licence for 2 years or more for the type of vehicle you will be driving, can demonstrate that they have been driving on a regular basis and meet our insurance criteria (Aged 25 – 75).  Our motorhome can be driven on a standard car licence. You do not need a C1 entitlement. Please ask for clarification at time of enquiry. We need to know the names of all drivers and receive the relevant ID and supporting documentation for each driver in advance of your trip.

What Are The Dimensions Of Your Motorhome?

Mabel’s vital statistics are as follows;-

Motorhome Height = 2.98 metres or 9 ft 9 ½ inches

Motorhome Width = 2.33 metres or 7 ft 8 inches

Motorhome Length = 7.43 metres or 24 ft 5 inches

Motorhome Weight = Up to 3,500 kg max

Awning Size = 4.52 metres x 2.5metres (14ft 6in x 8ft 2in)

What Type of Driving Licence Do I Need To Drive Your Motorhome?

All hire drivers require a full UK standard car driving licence.

All users must not have had their licence suspended for any period within the last three years.

All users must not have been involved in more than one fault incident in the last three years.

All users must have no more than two driving convictions with a maximum of 3 points per conviction. You must declare any and all endorsements on your driving licence at the time of booking.

No drivers will be allowed to hire the vehicle if they have previously been banned from driving for any period.

Are There Any Charges For Additional Drivers?

No there are no extra charges for additional drivers. You can have as many drivers as you like subject to each driver meeting the necessary criteria.

Am I Insured When Using Your Motorhome?

Yes comprehensive insurance is included for use on the UK mainland providing you meet our insurers criteria.

What Documents Do I Need To Provide When I Collect Your Motorhome?

You must supply printed copies of the following for each driver:-

Photo card driving licences which must be correct and up to date to include the users current home address. Please also bring the original photo driving card to allow for verification.

Valid online DVLA driving licence check code. We are unable to insure you if we have not DVLA checked your licence details and therefore we will not be able to hire the vehicle to you, you will also lose all monies paid to us as per our terms and conditions.

Valid UK Passport.

Two forms of proof of address for each driver in addition to the driving licence*

*The following documentation is acceptable for proof of address alongside the drivers licence, the documents must be dated within 90 days of the hire date and must match the address shown on the driving licence(s):-

1 x utility bill / statement (primary form of proof  can be Electricity, Water, Gas, Broadband, Landline Telephone,  Council tax bill/statement).

Plus one of the documents listed below (secondary proof):-

What is acceptable:- 

TV/internet/landline telephone bill (Including Sky/Virgin/BT etc), Bank or Credit Statement, Credit card bill, Mortgage statement.

What is declined:- 

Mobile Phone Bills, any document relating to insurance, any document that does not meet the above mentioned criteria.

I Have An Ongoing Medical Issue, What Do I Need To Do?

We require you to declare any mental or physical condition, heart condition, seizures or diabetes. We then inform our insurers who make the decision. The general rule of thumb is that if your condition requires you to inform DVLA and they allow you to drive, our insurers will probably do the same.

I Have a Criminal Record. Can I Still Hire Your Motorhome?

You must disclose all current criminal convictions in order for your insurance to be valid. We present the facts of any criminal record (past or pending) to our insurers for consideration, along with your driving history and current licence status. However, it is still possible you will be able to hire and drive our motorhomes with certain criminal convictions.

How Will I Know How To Use The Equipment In Your Motorhome?

Most things are very straightforward to operate however we will give you a personal introduction to “Mabel”when you collect her. Please allow a minimum of one hour for the handover. We have also compiled a very useful user guide which will be kept in the motorhome. There are a selection of User Guides and social media links on the Useful Links section of our website.

Will The Motorhome Be Warm Enough To Use In Winter?

Yes you will be more than warm enough. Our motorhome is manufactured in Germany to the latest insulation specifications and is fitted with a Truma programmable warm air heating system.

What Equipment Is Provided, What Else Should I Take?

Please refer to our what’s included and motorhome amenities sections of our website plus the optional extras section. Depending on your preferences you may wish to take your own bedding or outdoor furniture but these can be hired for a reasonable additional charge. In addition to this you will need to take towels, your clothes, your food, your toiletries and any other equipment you would like to use for your personal journey. The garage is a very generous storage area ideal for all sorts of sporting equipment such as golf clubs, fishing gear, skis etc.

Where Can I Park The Motorhome Or Camp At Night?

This very much depends on the type of personal journey you are planning as there are wide selection of touring sites throughout the UK and wild camping is allowed in Scotland. This best fully researched on the internet however we provide some useful links on the FAQ/ Useful Links page of our website.

There are also some useful site guides in our motorhome from the Camping and Caravanning Club and the Caravan and Motorhome Club.

Can I Take Your Motorhome Abroad?

At this stage No. Taking the Motorhome out of the UK Mainland is not permitted. This may change in the future.

Where Can I Leave My Car Whilst I'm Away?

You can leave your car in the secure storage compound we use, however this will be at your own risk and Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire will not be liable for any loss or damage that may occur in your absense.

What Happens If I Break Down In Your Motorhome?

We provide comprehensive breakdown cover for the UK mainland which is included in the hire charges. This cover ensures that you have roadside repair and relay to a garage, to your destination or you can be brought home from anywhere in the UK.

What If I’m Involved In a Collision When I’m Driving Your Motorhome?

Don’t panic. 

Regardless of blame it is important that you take the following action:

Stop: Stop as soon as possible, in a safe place (use the warning triangle provided, place it well before the obstruction). If anybody has been injured, call the police and ambulance service. 

Sketch: Make a quick sketch of the direction and final position of each vehicle (it is worth keeping a pen and paper in your vehicle). 

Photograph/Video Recording: Take photographs or a video recording: If you are able to do so, try and take photographs to support the positions of the vehicles and the extent of damage. 

If any person has an injury as a result of the accident, is suspected of having an injury or makes a suggestion that they may be injured as a result of the accident; or there is likely to be a dispute as to who is responsible you must immediately contact the local police force, report the accident and obtain an incident number. If you are physically able to do so you or one of your party must remain with the vehicle until the emergency services have attended and dealt with the situation.

You must not admit that you are responsible either verbally or in writing.

You must note down the vehicle registration number(s), names, address, phone numbers and additional contact details of all parties involved including passengers and witnesses.

You must note down any visible or verbally reported injuries to yourself or any third party involved in the accident.

You must as soon as is reasonably practicable make contact with a representative of Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire and report the damage.

You should describe the situation as clearly as possible to the local police force where applicable, and to a representative of Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire.

In the event that the motorhome can no longer be driven and is recovered you must return all keys to us in a prompt and efficient manner.

Assist us and our insurers in any subsequent legal proceedings.

Supply us with copies of any notices or documentation generated by any involved party as a result of the accident.

Fill in the accident form located in the glove box and call us to advise what damage has occurred. We will then give you further instructions.

What Happens If I Accidentally Damage Your Motorhome or Any Of Its Equipment or Contents?

May I use the motorhome without an electricity ‘hook-up’?

You must as soon as is reasonably practicable make contact with a representative of Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire and report the damage, giving full details of what has been damaged and sending images if requested to do so. This will hopefully give us a chance to have the damage assessed and replaced or repaired. This will also enable us to liaise our next customer/s if necessary.

What If I Lose The Keys Or Lock Myself Out Of Your Motorhome?

Call us immediately!  We’ll make sure you get replacement keys as soon as possible.  Please note: there is a charge for lost keys.

Could I Use Your Motorhome Without a Mains Electric hook-up?

Yes, this is known as ‘wild camping’. Our motorhome is also fitted with a solar panel, two 12v leisure batteries and an integrated LPG gas system. So, if you stop without hooking up to mains 230v electricity, everything will still work EXCEPT the mains sockets. The lights, the water pump, the heating and the fridge can all work without mains electricity. Depending on the season and the weather you can remain “off grid” like this for several days however you will then need to find a suitable mains electric hook up point to recharge the leisure batteries. We supply a variety of mains electricity hook up leads to enable easy charging. It is important not to allow the leisure battery to fully discharge as this will cause irreparable damage to the battery. The remaining power levels in the leisure battery can be easily checked on the control panel. 

Does the Motorhome Have Fresh Water?

Yes. They our motorhome has a fresh water tank from which it is safe to drink. We regularly treat the tanks to keep them clean. Typically, a motorhome has a 120 litre fresh water tank, which equates to about 5 showers. The motorhome will be supplied and must be returned with the water tanks empty. We do this to reduce the overall weight of the motorhome whilst travelling as this is both more fuel efficient and helps to increase the stability of the motorhome as you do not have a heavy tank full of sloshing water changing the weight distribution when cornering or braking heavily. You can travel with water on board but we would recommend no more than 25%. Levels are easily checked on the control panel. One of the first things you must do on pitching our motorhome is to take on fresh water as opening the water taps even briefly or using the boiler will damage the water pump or boiler and damage to these costly items will be charged for. The motorhomes also have an on board wastewater tank for the water that leaves the sinks and shower. 

Can I Drink Out Of The Taps?

Yes however we would suggest you change the water in the fresh water tank regularly as this will become undrinkable after only a few days. The water in our motorhomes is safe to drink and we treat the water systems regularly. However, the taste of the water will vary, depending on where you fill up. Please ensure you always fill up from a safe source of water and that it doesn’t state ’Not for Drinking’ on the tap. Personally we take bottled water to drink and use the fresh water tanks for use in the sinks, shower and toilet.

Can I Return The Motorhome Outside Of Your Normal Times?

During the High & Peak Seasons this needs to be at 11.00am on a Saturday morning to allow us to prepare the motorhome for our next customers. Please allow at least an hour for the return handover.

During Mid & Low Seasons please ring to discuss and we will endeavour to accommodate your requirements.

When I Return The Motorhome Do I Need To Fill Up With Diesel?

Yes, please.  We give you the motorhome with a full tank of diesel and we ask you return it full.  If you’re unable to do this, we will make a charge for both the time and fuel used in filling up and also for the cost of the fuel, please see the Terms and Conditions section of our website for full details.

Is Smoking Allowed In Your Motorhome?

No, smoking or the use of electronic cigarettes such as Vapes is not permitted under any circumstances.

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