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Ged & Sue First Blog 14th -17th February 2019

by | Feb 17, 2019 | Our Travels

“Mabel” was purchased at great personal expense to unashamedly hire out. Not only to try to recoup some of our outlay but to provide us with a small income in our future years.
So, what can I say about our inaugural journey and test run? Well Berwick-Upon-Tweed in Northumberland was to be our destination starting on Valentine’s day – how romantic! If the truth be told it has been a delightful day. The weather has been relatively mild and bright, the journey very smooth and enjoyably uneventful north on the M6 into Scotland, across to the east, only to head back into England and to the top-quality Ord House Country Park.

“Mabel” has been a pleasure to drive, smooth, quiet and incredibly comfortable. Our newly installed amazing Alpine Advanced Navi Station providing the sounds via Dab radio and Apple Car Play (Android Auto also available), the hands free and clear as a bell phone calls, the simple satellite navigation system matched to the dimensions of the motorhome and the reversing camera automatically displayed once the reversing gear is select. Even on starting the ignition our Personal Journeys Motorhome Hire logo is momentarily displayed, how cool is this system!!

And then to setting things up for the first time- oh we have so much to learn! Parking in our touring pitch was a cinch with both the reversing camera and the newly installed digital rear-view mirror providing incredibly clear images. Levelled the van up on the slightly sloping pitch using the supplied levelling chocks- no issues there.

Right let’s clean the fresh water tank- our first use and not knowing when it was last used so let’s clean the system as recommended, easy. Well it should have been!! Firstly connect our food grade hosepipe to the pitch side tap and put the hosepipe end into the water filler inlet on the outside of the van. The hosepipe being fitted with a spray nozzle that  fits nicely into the neck so no need to stand and hold it. Or so I thought, the spray nozzle disconnects from the hose and slips down the water inlet- just out of reach!! Will it push through into the tank to enable easy removal? No but it will wedge itself in there nice and firmly. Doh!

Anyway after a few minutes cursing the spray nozzle is recovered, Sue’s leg is temporarily drenched and eventually the clean water system is sanitized- jobs a good ‘un. Next hook up the electrics with our brand-new hook up cable- very straightforward. Okay switch on the fixed LPG gas, simple. Get the heating and spacious fridge freezer on, again after a little looking at the supplied instruction booklets, straightforward. Now onto making a well-deserved brew using the new whistling kettle and mugs, delightful. Okay now to adapt the fixed twin beds in the rear of the motorhome into a sumptuous king size bed; done in a matter of seconds.

And so, to the onsite restaurant and bar, wow, for a campsite I can’t speak highly enough.
Beautiful décor, comfortable furnishings, good selection of reasonably priced food and drink and very friendly service. On site facilities for us tonight and quite superb they are too, very modern, stylishly decorated and tiled, spotlessly clean, warm and spacious. Time to relax, well relax even further. Our luxury Carado T447 Motorhome has been upgraded to include a satellite aerial which automatically found hundreds of freeview TV and radio channels- feet up and half a bottle of red wine later- time for a good night’s sleep.

Ged & Sue 14/02/19